ChinaNetCloud’s Vision:

To manage the world’s Internet servers.


ChinaNetCloud’s Mission:

We fully manage our customers’ servers with 24×7 monitoring and backups. In addition, we are responsible for all performance, scaling, security, and administration work systems.


Who We Are:

Founded in Shanghai in 2008, ChinaNetCloud is the world’s largest Internet Managed Services company. At ChinaNetCloud, we help firms build, optimize, and manage their Internet infrastructure.

With a team of over 80 system experts and support staff located in Shanghai, Beijing, and Silicon Valley, CA, ChinaNetCloud has become China’s most trusted expert in Server Management and Cloud Computing. We run mission-critical servers for over 300 Chinese & International customers.

Our core focus is on delivering Reliability, Performance, Scale, Security, and Cost Savings within all aspects of daily server operations. From simple cloud deployments to large-scale systems, ChinaNetCloud helps customers design, build, and manage any Internet-facing system and service with up to hundreds of millions of users and billions of page views per day.

ChinaNetCloud’s service offerings include system architecture design, setup, and 24×7 management, plus cloud computing, system consulting, and application availability and growth management.

Learn more about our industry solutions for E-Commerce, Gaming, SNS, New Media, Web 2.0, Mobile, and other websites and systems.

For more information feel free to check out our blog, read about some of our recent customers, or contact us to see how ChinaNetCloud can help your organization achieve its goals.