aws-scanningOur AWS Security Scan ensures your cloud is protected by the industry’s best practices, backed by ChinaNetCloud’s expert knowledge and experience.

Our scan uses the IAM API to check and validate your security settings, such as password policies, unused accounts, missing MFA settings, root users, etc.

It also scans your EC2 instance configurations for things like unused EBS volumes and dangerous items such as missing Terminate Protection or Delete on Terminate flags.

The final report will list problems found, by priority, and how to fix them.

For use instructions, please see our Installation Instructions to get started with our AWS Security Scan.


The scanning system scans your entire AWS infrastructure for over 100 threats and vulnerabilities, plus on-the-fly security database and policy updates.

Scan Security & Privacy

The scan itself uses basic read-only API keys, and cannot read nor access any of your instance, RDS, or other data. It also cannot see your passwords, keys, or other private information.


The scan report will contain a detailed list of problems found, by priority, including how to fix them.

Need Help Fixing Problems?

We can of course help explain the problems and help you fix them. Contact us for more information at

Would you like to know more?

If you are not yet a ChinaNetCloud customer, please contact our sales team at, or visit the Get Started Now! page for more information. If you are a current customer, please view our Installation Instructions to get started with our AWS Security Services.