On July 15, ChinaNetCloud and DataGrand jointly held a sharing salon with the theme of “big data reshape the commercial value”. DataGrand CEO Gao Xiang and ChinaNetCloud’s Senior Architect Wang Han shared their wonderful insights and views on the theme, respectively.

By starting from the examples of multimedia and new media, DataGrand CEO Gao Xiang talked about the value of big data in the DT era. In the big data era, the music industry has ushered in a revolution: the audience has the final say on what is the next popular song; and Billboard charts are decided by consumers. How do the big data and algorithms predict all these?

The entire prediction process can be divided into the following three steps:

Data modeling process -> automatically predict popular songs -> generate a playlist

Data Salon_multi media

The data modeling process is divided into two types: After the data are input and processed, one type is to use the input data to complete the model training through cross-checking, look for the user’s musical preference model parameters based on known data and select the most appropriate training method model. The other type is to use the input data to make the fusion algorithm and then to make the model prediction.

Mr. Gao Xiang also mentioned that the prediction technology has many application scenarios:

  • Predict whether the user will be lost
  • Predict whether the user is willing to use a certain feature
  • Predict whether the user can accept a product
  • Predict whether the user can afford the price change
  • Predict the user’s next access time and stay time

Data Salon_gaoxiang_3401

DataGrand CEO Gao Xiang

Subsequently, ChinaNetCloud’s Senior Architect Mr. Wang Han also lectured on how ChinaNetCloud uses its self-developed OpsStack automated operation & maintenance platform to help the new media industry.

OpsStack solves the major challenges faced by new media applications:

  • Orientation to the global audience
  • Dissemination security
  • Server overloaded
  • Improvement of team efficiency
  • Management of complex systems

OpsStack is an operation & maintenance (O&M) system which integrates design, building, monitoring, management, optimization and virtualized management platform into one. It streamlines and standardizes the operation & maintenance of systems in order to achieve low-cost, high-efficiency operation & maintenance. OpsStack covers almost all the work contents of the O&M personnel, such as system configuration management, security strengthening, backup, database, log analysis and task allocation.

Data Salon_wanghan

ChinaNetCloud’s Senior Architect Mr. Wang Han

In the interactive session after the speeches, participants had in-depth exchanges with the two speakers on their interested big data issues.