On July 14, CIO Summit Forum was held at the office of ChinaNetCloud. Mr. Tian Li, Deputy director of Platform Development Department, National Information Security Engineering Center (NISEC), and ChinaNetCloud’s Senior Architect Mr. Wang Han shared the latest industry insights and technological advances with guests on the “Internet security protection and operation & maintenance” topic.

CIO Summit Forum_tianli

Mr. Tian Li, Deputy director of Platform Development Department, NISEC

Mr. Tain Li’s speech was themed on the selection of the cloud service and secure operation & maintenance (O&M) strategy. By starting from the new situation faced by secure O&M in the Internet era, he pointed out that the traditional security technology is faced with countless unknown risks and the extreme challenges of APT and that the passive defense mechanism of anti-virus software lags behind the development pace of viruses. At the same time, the multi-layer interception security deployment can cause the side effect like the performance bottleneck. Thus, the big data security solution is “physical architecture + logic layer”.

CIO Summit Forum_physic deployment chart

CIO Summit Forum_Logic layer structure

Mr. Tian Li fully recognized the prospects of cloud services. He said that the cloud service mode is a new continent for the system construction and maintenance and can save cost for enterprises, speed up our work progress and better distribute resources. Furthermore, he gave us the security guideline for cloud computing services.

Later, ChinaNetCloud’s Senior Architect Mr. Wang Han demonstrated ChinaNetCloud’s multi-layer protection against external attacks and explained the security issue from network, system, code and O&M layers, respectively. ChinaNetCloud’ DDos defense strategy is to help customers use partner Anquanbao’s cloud service filtering technology and provide CDN and IDC hardware support for them. In addition, ChinaNetCloud combines traditional firewalls and WAF webpage application firewalls to comprehensively protect systems. OWASP project and code scanning can ensure the code security.

CIO Summit Forum_wanghan

ChinaNetCloud’s Senior Architect Mr. Wang Han

CIO Summit Forum_summit

This summit forum concluded among the interactive communication of the two speakers with the audience on the site. This activity has not only promoted technical exchanges within the industry but also made the participants learn the first-hand information about the industry’s rules and trends.