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  • 19 Jan
    AWS Bejing Region Tips/Differences

    Submitted by ChinaNetCloud on 2017-01-19

    A great blog from the Uniqlo people about differences between AWS Beijing and the rest of the global AWS environments. The Beijing and global regions are mostly the same, but different in small and some times non-obvious ways.

  • 04 Jan
    Why most Root Cause Analyses have no Root nor Cause

    Submitted by Steve Mushero on 2017-01-04

    Root Cause Analysis. RCA. Everyone has one, or should have one. In fact, many tools talk about having a system or process for this, but as far as we can tell, most have very little root and even less cause. How can this be ?

  • 04 Jan
    Where are the Web’s 4GLs?

    Submitted by Steve Mushero on 2017-01-04

    Web development sucks these days. Simple as this. So many tools, toolchains, toolkits, packages, package managers, builders, packagers and more. Rube Goldberg is clearly still alive as his hand is evident in all this, especially Javascript and its infinite dungeons.

  • 22 Dec
    Troubleshooting with OpsStack

    Submitted by ChinaNetCloud on 2016-12-22

    Troubleshooting. The challenge of every Ops team in the world. And really not getting better with Docker, DevOps, Clouds, and more as these all complicate life when troubleshooting, giving us more tools, more complexity, more moving parts, all on smaller servers that are more easily overloaded.

  • 22 Dec
    Load Balancing with Nginx and Loadcat

    Submitted by Steve Mushero on 2016-12-22

    We do a lot of load balancing, and while these days this can often be handled by cloud LBs such as AWS’ ELB, we still often use HAProxy or Nginx for this, if only as a front end to code-driven backends such as PHP-FPM, Tomcat, and node.js.

  • 06 Dec
    Docker & OpsStack

    Submitted by ChinaNetCloud on 2016-12-06

    Docker is hot these days, as part of the DevOps Revolution, part of micro-services, and part of just making lives easier for developers, operations, and the build pipeline. But Docker is also a real challenge for and after deployment, especially for operations, monitoring, management, security, and a whole range of other challenges.

  • 25 Nov
    DevOps & OpsStack

    Submitted by ChinaNetCloud on 2016-11-25

    DevOps is hot these days, even if everyone is not quite sure what it is, how to do it, or even how to get started. With competing definitions, long lists of tools and pipeline environments, it’s a colorful and ever-changing concept that everyone wants to work.

  • 02 Sep
    Where Are All The Infrastructure Design Systems?

    Submitted by ChinaNetCloud on 2016-09-02

    I love designing systems. I hate not having a system to help me design them.

    How do you architect and design a new system ? Probably with Excel and Visio. That’s great for overall architecture, layers, pieces and parts, but not very good for the real details, configurations, and change management, let alone any ability to confirm the system actually conforms to the design. Nor very helpful in actually building it.

  • 02 Sep
    Cloud Management Platforms Don’t Manage

    Submitted by ChinaNetCloud on 2016-09-02

    Cloud Management Platforms (CMP) are the latest buzzword in the IT Operations and MSP industries. I’m not sure what they do or how useful they are to you.

  • 01 Sep
    ERP of Cloud Operations Platforms: OpsStack

    Submitted by ChinaNetCloud on 2016-09-01

    Everyone hates their ERP systems. They are hard to use, hard to modify, and hard to implement. We should abolish all of them.

    But we won’t. Why ? Because they solve major problems and since their creation 20 years ago, have created hundreds of billions of dollars of value to the vendors that offer, customize and mange them. Not to mention probably a trillion dollars of value to their customers.