We are very happy to announce our new partnership with OneAPM, China’s premier Application Performance Monitoring (APM) platform.  Our customer’s system performance is extremely important to us, and OneAPM provides world-class APM tools to really help our customers ensure their apps are fast and scalable.

Based in China, OneAPM’s system is an easy to use SaaS platform, which talks to an agent on each server, and produces detailed analyses in Chinese, about all types of performance and other issues.  Importantly, it also includes detailed code, SQL, and application traces that allow developers to find and fix the problem.

These APM tools look deeply at systems, supporting all common code such as PHP, Java, and more to look at where and why things are slow, such as SQL to the database or HTTP to 3rd party services.  These really help engineers solve real problems and avoid slowdowns every day, and since it’s a SaaS tool, it’s update continually to look for the latest problems and with the best view on how to improve.

ChinaNetCloud combines OneAPMs’s world-class APM tools with our Audit, Optimization, and Deep Monitoring systems to ensure fast performance and scalability for every type of system, in every environment including public and private clouds, in China and around the world.

Combined with OpsStack, our advanced Operations Platform, this allows customers to manage their full-stack systems using a wide variety of powerful tools.  OpsStack combines dozens of tools including 3rd party services such as OneAPM to really provide world-class solutions to very difficult operational problems, especially on large-scale systems.

Overall, our job at ChinaNetCloud is to design, manage and security harden our customers’ infrastructure and systems, and thus we are very happy to have OneAPM with us as part of our continued commitment to running the world’s biggest & best systems.