At ChinaNetCloud, we’re 100% dedicated to provide reliable, secure, highly scalable and cost-optimized system infrastructure solutions, with portfolios ranging from public / private cloud preliminary selection to providing professional migration services and 24×7 system management, including operations, networking, security, back-up, database, monitoring, upgrade, troubleshooting and configuration optimization. 2016 has been a challenging and exciting year for us, not just because we’ve advanced our product capabilities tremendously, but also because we’ve enhanced our delivery of the other ingredients you need to be successful with Chinanetcloud.



In 2016, we launched our OpsStack platform, an always-on design, build, monitor, manage, and optimize single-pane-of-glass operations system, providing a revolutionary shared platform for ChinaNetCloud and our customers.

ChinaNetCloud brings together its 8 years of deep experience building and managing large-scale Internet systems to release OpsStack, every Ops Engineer’s dream toolset.  A Full-Stack Single-Pane-of-Glass Design, Build, Manage platform that integrates dozens of tools, systems, and technologies to handle every part of every system, on every cloud and in every environment.


OpsStack A-S-S-S Hierarchy Introduction


OpsStack Account Introduction


OpsStack System Introduction


OpsStack Docker Introduction


Main Events


Product Launch

Shanghai, May 24, 2016  we hosted the launch conference ,and officially release OpsStack with honor.

dashiji-1 dashiji-2

Main Exhibition


ChinaNetCloud at AWS summit  Beijing on Sep 7 , 2016.

zhongdazhanhui-2 zhongdazhanhui-1

ChinaNetCloud at   Aliyun-Yunqi Summit  Hangzhou on Oct 13 ,2016.




Spring Summit 2016 – Walking in the Cloud to Disrupt Innovation

2016 QCon speech – DevOps and Docker best-practices


Our ops experts constantly improves our product, but somehow also finds the time to write blogs! Below you can find the newest four blog posts from 2016:

Troubleshooting with OpsStack

Load Balancing with Nginx and Loadcat

Docker & OpsStack

DevOps & OpsStack

Finally,  In 2016,OpsStack made ChinaNetCloud  transform from an operations service company to a SaaS platform service company.

Thank you for a fantastic year, we truly appreciate your support and look forward to sharing a lot of other great experiences with you in 2017!

— ChinaNetCloud