We are very happy to announce our team has passed over 150 AWS Partner Business, Technical, and TCO Accreditations, demonstrating our experience and commitment on the AWS cloud.  This is the result of a lot of work and study, and congratulations to our team.

AWS Accreditations are earned by individuals to demonstrate understanding of AWS services, and include both training and a test.  All new ChinaNetCloud employees are required to pass at least the Business Accreditation, all Sales must pass TCO, and all engineers must pass the Technical tests, to demonstrate their understanding of the basics of each of these key areas, for clouds in general and AWS in particular.

Business Accreditation gives a baseline knowledge of AWS products and services, including a basic understanding of AWS, key services that core business value. Technical Accreditation provides fundamental, technical knowledge of AWS cloud computing, services, common solutions, migration, and security.  Finally, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Cloud Economics Accreditation looks at fundamental knowledge of TCO concepts, along with economics of data centers vs. AWS.

By making all employees pass these fundamental training and accreditations, we ensure everyone knows our industry and cloud fundamentals, plus the basic services and use cases for the worlds most popular public cloud, AWS.  This helps our entire team better understand and serve our customers, plus furthers their careers in our industry.

Beyond this, we have 10+ Certified Architect, SysAdmin, and DevOps engineers for AWS and its solutions.  These very technical certificates include days of training and in-depth testing to ensure engineers really under various AWS services, configurations, applications, and how they all relate to building the best solution for our mutual customers.