White Papers

Want to explore the complexities and constant challenges faced in the Technology Industry?

ChinaNetCloud founders Steve Mushero and James Eron, as well as our vast array of engineers have written and published server management and technological white papers illustrating the complexities and constant challenges faced in the Technology Industry.

  • Running Internet Systems in China 

    Details you need to succeed in Chinese Internet Operations.- by Steve Mushero, CEO & CTO of ChinaNetCloud.

  • Clouds in China

    This guide helps describe and sort out what the different clouds are, their common and distinct features, and what workload makes sense to run where.

  • Operations-as-a-Service — The Top Reasons to Outsource Internet Operations

    An introduction of the main reasons to outsource Internet Operations to OaaS.

  • E-Commerce Server and System Operations

    E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing Internet applications in the world. Let our Experts tell you how to design, build, and operate these e-commerce systems.

  • The Five Operations Factors That Matter

    There are five important aspects that matter in system operations. They are Reliability, Performance, Scalability, Security, and Cost Savings.

  • 10 Rules for Large Scale High-Performance Websites

    A summary of the best practices in designing infrastructure for China’s Internet and gaming companies. It applies to systems that have daily traffic from 10,000 to 1,000,000 users.

  • Magento E-Commerce Internet Server Operations

    Magento is the most common e-commerce platform on the Internet today, with over 150,000 retailers and websites using it.

  • Interactive Campaign Infrastructure

    ChinaNetCloud has years of experience running and managing interactive campaign systems of all sizes on behalf on many high-profile global brands.

  • Hybris E-Commerce 

    ChinaNetCloud has significant experience running and managing Hybris systems of all sizes. Let us help you understand Hybris better!