Design, build, audit & optimize world-class systems, with 24×7 management, monitoring, and optimization.


The server design process is crucial to the success of your business and requires expert server architects with a thorough understanding of your enterprise and internet infrastructure. With more than 20 years of industry experience, we are the masters at planning, deploying, and customizing server architecture for all enterprise needs and budgets.

As the leaders in server architecture, let us save you time and money by setting up your hosting infrastructure with full support, monitoring, performance, scaling, reliability, security, and backups. Our experts will design a customized technology solution allowing for the continuous application of control quality and a serious reduction in downtime risks. With ChinaNetCloud, you can finally eliminate the burden that once came with server architecture.

If you are facing slow loading websites, heavy server loads, or even high utilization, then you could greatly benefit or even save money by fine tuning your current systems.

Let our dedicated experts throughly analyze your existing hardware, software, storage, monitoring, backup, and network configuration in order to extract every possible watt of performance from your investment. Attain satisfaction in knowing that your servers are guaranteed to perform to their fullest capabilities!

Case Study

We are proud to represent a number of industry solutions including E-commerce, Mobile, SaaS, P2P, O2O, New Media and many others. Read our Customer Success Stories for more information.
  1. DayDayCook

    DayDayCook was established in Dec 2012 in HK. Its Shanghai operation opened in 2015. The series of DayDayCook cooking short video have generated 0.65 billion hits by Dec. 2015. Its monthly active users have reached over 35 million. DayDayCook has become one of the leading gourmet media channels in China.

  2. BeyondHost

    As traditional as it can be, the hotel industry has tremendous potentials to utilize Internet +. BeyondHost has been focusing on providing SaaS based hotel management tools to numerous of hotel chains with ChinaNetCloud’s support on its infrastructure and system.


Our core OaaS service can meet customers' diversified needs. The 3-tiered pricing structure of Value Service/Enhanced Service/Premium Service presents the flexibility to pick and choose service components based on customers' needs at different time or for various servers or projects.

Service Package

FeaturesValue ServiceEnhanced ServicePremium Service
24x7 Support, Troubleshooting & Deep Monitoring
Best Practice Configurations & Updates
System Audit, Tuning & Optimization
Architecture & Best-Practice Design
Basic Security Services & Updates
Advanced Portal & On-Server Tools
DBA Service & Performance Management
Enhanced Security Tools & Management
Capacity Planning
Dedicated Engineer & PM Team
Disaster Recovery, Load Testing, Design, Build & Manage Cloud Migration Design, Build & Migrate, 3rd Party Services & Tools IntegrationCustomCustomCustom

Why ChinaNetCloud

  • China's first Internet Service Company
  • Quality-driven - systems, processes and engineering are fully integrated in CNC's daily service operations
  • Modern technology experts, including Docker, DevOps, Automation, and public / private clouds
  • Internet operations experts, for China and global markets
  • 8-years of large-scale server operations experience
  • Total System Operations (TSO), managing the entire system including cloud, network, OS, Web, App, DB, and more
  • Cloud strategy, design and migration experts
  • One-stop shop for server management, ensuring reliability, performance, scalability, security and cost savings

Successful Stories

Yves Rocher is a World Leader in beauty care products, located in 88 countries on five continents. When they decided to launch their China E-Commerce website they chose ChinaNetCloud to build and operate their system infrastructure.

Yves Rocher

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Pinyou is one of China's largest on-line advertising networks, focused on real-time targeting using advanced demographics and systems to improve results.  They are growing quickly to hundreds of millions of hits per day and needed help managing their high-performance infrastructure.

PinYou Success Story

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