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ChinaNetCloud is China’s Leading Internet Server Management Company. Every day we manage hundreds of mission-critical internet servers in IDCs across China. Our customers trust our Expert technical advice and world-class level of support.

Our cloud computing services are offered on both a public and private cloud to best meet the needs of your company. We provide system architecture and operations consulting to increase your performance and scale optimization. Our core focus is to provide you with high-performing, secure, and reliable servers that save you money.


Design, build, audit & optimize world-class systems, with 24×7 management, monitoring, and optimization.

• Experts in server design and operations
• Best-practices deployed in new system design
• Worry-free real-time support on all system levels


Single-Pane-of-Glass Integrated Full-Stack Management System.

OpsStack supports ChinaNetCloud’s pioneering Internet OaaS, or Operations-as-a-Service, also supported by a dedicated expert teams for 24×7 real time operation management.

Public & Private
Cloud Operations

Design, build, and manage public and private clouds including full 24x7 monitoring, operations, and optimization.

• Cloud strategy and performance tuning
• Best-practices on cloud deployment path
• Cloud archtecture as part of total design

Why ChinaNetCloud

  • China's first Internet Service Company
  • Quality-driven - systems, processes and engineering are fully integrated in CNC's daily service operations
  • Modern technology experts, including Docker, DevOps, Automation, and public / private clouds
  • Internet operations experts, for China and global markets
  • 8-years of large-scale server operations experience
  • Total System Operations (TSO), managing the entire system including cloud, network, OS, Web, App, DB, and more
  • Cloud strategy, design and migration experts
  • One-stop shop for server management, ensuring reliability, performance, scalability, security and cost savings

Successful Stories

Yves Rocher is a World Leader in beauty care products, located in 88 countries on five continents. When they decided to launch their China E-Commerce website they chose ChinaNetCloud to build and operate their system infrastructure.

Yves Rocher

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Pinyou is one of China's largest on-line advertising networks, focused on real-time targeting using advanced demographics and systems to improve results.  They are growing quickly to hundreds of millions of hits per day and needed help managing their high-performance infrastructure.

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