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ChinaNetCloud is an Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner and Managed Service Partner. We are trained and audited by AWS to deliver secure, reliable and cost-effective AWS environments, backed by ChinaNetCloud’s 24×7 managed services and support. ChinaNetCloud has provided managed services on AWS since 2009, as an AWS Partner since 2012, an AWS China Partner since 2013, and now an AWS Managed Services Partner in 2015.

Correctly implementing, administrating, and even pricing AWS in China can be a challenge for users of any skill level. While Amazon does not provide any management or implementation support, ChinaNetCloud has extensive experience supporting customers and optimizing security, performance, and costs.

Getting started with AWS is easy. Our certified AWS engineers will be available every step of the way to help you design, build, and manage the perfect AWS solution. ChinaNetCloud’s OaaS Service for AWS provides end-to-end architecture, design, build, and 24×7 operations management of Internet systems of any size, using any and all AWS services, technologies, and best practices. This includes the deep design of fully-redundant global systems with automated provisioning and scaling. Plus deep integrated proactive monitoring from the AWS infrastructure up through services and applications of all types – especially e-commerce, SaaS, mobile, big data, and more.

Ready to take the next step with ChinaNetCloud on AWS?

To learn more about the AWS cloud, features, and general cloud information, please click here to view the AWS Showcase. For more information about ChinaNetCloud and our managed service offerings, please CONTACT one of our Sales representatives today!


Managed AWS Cloud

Managed AWS Cloud offers a variety of integrated services for AWS, including full architecture, design, building, monitoring, management, security, and more.

• A world class cloud system
• Faster uptime for system
• Simplified cloud management effort
• Expert guide on cloud configuration

Free AWS Health Check

AWS Health Check Audit finds a wide variety of common and not-so-common problems with your AWS system.

AWS Health Check includes a deep look at every part of your AWS system, including your basic account, billing, IAM, S3, EC2, EBS, ELB, VPC, and much more.

Free AWS Security Audit

AWS Security Audit uses a simple read-only IAM user key to scan your whole AWS account to look for security (and other) problems, and also checks against best practices for you.

Make sure you are following all of AWS IAM and Security Best Practices, such as unused keys, bad password requirements, too many permissions and much more.

Free AWS IAM Report

AWS IAM Report provides a full listing of all IAM elements, including Users, Groups, Roles, Keys, Policies, and more. We expect this to be very useful to all Cloud Ops and Security Teams, MSPs, and Support engineers.

This service really helps you track and improve the security of your AWS system, to discover serious and potential problems along with security issues, and more.

Free EC2, VPC, Full Config Report

Free AWS EC2, VPC Config Report provides a full listing of all the elements in each system. We expect this to be very useful to all Cloud Ops Teams, MSPs, and Support engineers.

This service really helps you track and improve the configuration of your AWS system, to discover serious and potential problems along with security issues, and more.

Free AWS Cost Console

Free AWS Cost Console, which provides a basic EC2 console with cost estimates, making cost management and investigation much easier and faster than it is today.

The Billing Console can also filter by Tag and over time show consolidated cross-region or global data, i.e. all instances, etc. across all regions, including China.

Free AWS Global Cross-Region Search Tool

AWS Global Cross-Region Search Tool which allows engineers to find key AWS components such as Instances, Tags, and IP addresses.

This new tool searches all elements in all regions to find things that are otherwise very difficult to locate, for example from an AWS Security Report (which only lists Instance IDs or IPs) or when looking for all instances tagged for a given service or department.

Why ChinaNetCloud

  • China's first Internet Service Company
  • Quality-driven - systems, processes and engineering are fully integrated in CNC's daily service operations
  • Modern technology experts, including Docker, DevOps, Automation, and public / private clouds
  • Internet operations experts, for China and global markets
  • 8-years of large-scale server operations experience
  • Total System Operations (TSO), managing the entire system including cloud, network, OS, Web, App, DB, and more
  • Cloud strategy, design and migration experts
  • One-stop shop for server management, ensuring reliability, performance, scalability, security and cost savings

Successful Stories

Yves Rocher is a World Leader in beauty care products, located in 88 countries on five continents. When they decided to launch their China E-Commerce website they chose ChinaNetCloud to build and operate their system infrastructure.

Yves Rocher

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Pinyou is one of China's largest on-line advertising networks, focused on real-time targeting using advanced demographics and systems to improve results.  They are growing quickly to hundreds of millions of hits per day and needed help managing their high-performance infrastructure.

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