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We only use the best technology, along with our world-class optimized configurations for Linux, DBs, Web/App Servers, Switches, Firewalls, and more to greatly increase performance, security, and manageability of your systems.

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About Us

We are ChinaNetCloud, the world's largest Internet server management company, and China's oldest Cloud Computing business.

We are China's trusted Experts in Server Management and Cloud Computing, running mission-critical servers for over 300 Chinese & International customers.

We are a private company founded by Silicon Valley tech experts, with a team of over 80 system experts and support staff in Shanghai and Beijing.



Why Choose Us?

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Our entire company is focused on managing your servers 24x7 at peak performance with world-class security, reliability, monitoring, and scaling, all to lower your costs.

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World-class Technology

World-class optimized configurations for Linux, DB, Web/App Servers, Switches, Firewalls and more significantly increase your performance, security, & manageability.

Advanced Cloud Computing technology on your servers or ours to significantly reduce your operational costs and increase flexibility.

Advanced Monitoring and Support Platform our sophisticated 200+ point  24x7 monitoring and alerting system constantly monitors so any issues can be addressed before they become problems.

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Most Trusted

Founded by Silicon Valley IT Experts, our entire company is built upon our reputation as the most honest, most trusted and most experienced Internet Server Management company in the world.

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Our Services

World-Class Server Management Experts Working For You

  • Day-to-day 24x7 system management
  • All for a fixed low price
  • Help you scale at low cost

ChinaNetCloud is the world's Leading Internet Server Management Company.  Every day, we manage mission-critical internet servers all across Asia and beyond.

Our customers trust our expert technical advice and world class 24x7 support.  After all, our core focus is to provide you with high-performance, secure and reliable servers so you can focus on your core business.