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  • 17 Aug
    CEO&CIO 丨 ChinaNetCloud: Embrace the Internet+

    Submitted by ChinaNetCloud on 2016-08-17

    Founded by Mr. Steve Mushero (Silicon Valley technical expert and TuDou’s first CTO) and his wife Mrs. Gu Yinan, ChinaNetCloud is the world’s most professional server operation & maintenance management company based on Internet open source technology, which is headquartered in Shanghai, China. The company’s main businesses are to provide customers with architectural design, system building, service optimization, 24 x 7 server monitoring and management of the entire server system, no matter on the cloud or any physical machine room in the world.

  • 20 Jul
    Entrepreneur: ChinaNetCloud has made a system to prevent poaching

    Submitted by ChinaNetCloud on 2016-07-20

    An article of famous venture investment publication “Entrepreneur” introduces the origin of OpsStack as well as how ChinaNetCloud seizes pain points of the operation and maintenance (O&M) industry and provides a solution to help enterprises prevent losses caused by employee turnover.

  • 19 Jul
    Cuiniuhui: ChinaNetCloud CEO Steve Mushero Shares His Entrepreneurial Experience

    Submitted by ChinaNetCloud on 2016-07-19

    On June 21, ChinaNetCloud CEO Steve Mushero delivered his first speech in Chinese at the “Entrepreneurship in China” Online Open Lecture of Cuiniuhui, a leader of entrepreneurship promotion, sharing his entrepreneurial experience with over 100 audiences.

  • 20 Jun
    Digging Under the Great Firewall, Steve Mushero, Co-Fouder of ChinaNetCloud

    Submitted by ChinaNetCloud on 2016-06-20

    Ever wondered who operates the internet? This week, Tudou’s first foreigner CTO, Steve Mushero, tells us how he uprooted from the Valley, moved to China, and co-founded China’s 1st and leading cloud service, ChinaNet Cloud - essentially running the backend to the World’s largest internet user base!

  • 01 Jun
    Media Coverage – ChinaNetCloud Announces OpsStack

    Submitted by ChinaNetCloud on 2016-06-01

    The unveiling of ChinaNetCloud’s new Internet Operations Platform, OpsStack, was held in their Shanghai office on May 24th 2016. Company partners, customer representatives, and more than 15+ media outlets gathered together to witness the release. Yinan Gu, Co-founder and President of ChinaNetCloud, along with Vivienne Yeung, Technical Project Manager, introduced the unique features and powerful functions of OpsStack to the distinguished guests. Check the media coverage from 10+ popular Chinese media.

  • 05 May
    CIO Solution: ChinaNetCloud Unprecedented Reliability and Performance

    Submitted by ChinaNetCloud on 2016-05-05

    In recent years, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has emerged as a technology disruptor replacing traditional enterprise architecture with cloud computing services. As organizations explore the potentials of this technology, lack of performance visibility in implementing AWS and managing the systems with automated DevOps emerges as a major hurdle. Addressing these challenges, ChinaNetCloud offers cost effective AWS solutions, tools, configurations, and processes that help users build and manage their internet system securely in real-time. “As certified experts in building and managing AWS solutions, we design, build, and manage hundreds of systems across numerous cloud, leveraging the latest technologies,” states Steve Mushero, CEO and CTO, ChinaNetCloud.

  • 09 Sep
    InsightsSuccess: ChinaNetCloud – Running The World’s Internet Servers

    Submitted by ChinaNetCloud on 2015-09-09

    ChinaNetCloud provides the world’s most Internet advanced operations platform, OpsStack, able to design, build, and manage any Internet system on any technology platform, on any cloud, at any scale, at any and all phases of development and operations.
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  • 05 Aug
    TechInAsia: ChinaNetCloud Raises $9M as It Prepares to Triple Revenues

    Submitted by ChinaNetCloud on 2015-08-05

    ChinaNetCloud, a China-based startup that provides cloud server solutions, announced Monday that it has raised a US$9 million series A. The round was led by Juren Capital with participation from Jolly Capital – both Chinese investment firms in the Shanghai area. ChinaNetCloud says the funding will be used to accelerate the company’s growth and further tech development.
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  • 03 Aug
    ChinaNetCloud Announces $9 Million Series A Investment

    Submitted by ChinaNetCloud on 2015-08-03

    Press Release ChinaNetCloud Announces $9 Million Series A InvestmentFunding major OaaS, team, and technology expansion, plus the rollout of OpsStackShanghai, August 3, 2015:  ChinaNetCloud, the global leader in Internet Operations-as-a-Service

  • 18 Jun
    TechNode: Human Resources Is Still A Challenge For China Startups

    Submitted by ChinaNetCloud on 2015-06-18

    One of the biggest challenges for startups in China is internet server management. Have you ever thought about how those internet and gaming companies are running servers to embrace so many users, different clients, performing all different tasks for them? ChinaNetCloud runs thousands of back-end servers and infrastructure for over 150 Chinese and international internet companies like Nokia, AppAnnie, Dianping, ASOS, Xiaoshuoyi, and Wandoujia, so that they can manage at scale of up to 250 million users.
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