• Our Story

    ChinaNetCloud's founding & history

  • Born to Manage Systems

    From many years of managing lots of employees and systems

    How We Got Started

    In 2007, Steve was CTO of Tudou while James was a senior manager at BearingPoint, both looking at the need for more and better servers and system management in China. So they got together and created the concept of an Internet Managed Service Provider for China, focusing on the rapidly-growing Internet market, in gaming, mobile, e-commerce, SaaS, finance, and more.


    Funded by angels and later Venture Capitral, the company grew steadily, up to about 125 people across sales, marketing, HR, finance, and especially operations which included engineers, project managers, and customer support.

    What ChinaNetCloud Did

    Founded in Shanghai in 2008, ChinaNetCloud (CNC) was one of the world's most advanced Internet Managed Services Provider (MSP) - with advanced training, tools, and technology, the CNC team helped customers build, optimize, manage, and migrate their Internet infrastructure. CNC also managed the databases, security, performance, backups, networking, hardware, and everything except the core code, content, and data.


    As one of the world's most advanced MSPs, ChinaNetCloud also had a wide variety of its own tools, culminating in the OpsStack cloud and system operations platform, released in 2017.