SHANGHAI, Apr.18, 2014 – ChinaNetCloud, the leading global Internet operations managed services provider, today announced that China’s leading Internet content delivery services (CDN) provider ChinaCache (Nasdaq:CCIH) has financed ChinaNetCloud as part of their ongoing partnership in Internet operations and Cloud services.

ChinaCache has been a ChinaNetCloud partner for several years, and recently entered a global strategic partnership to enhance Chinese Internet operations, clouds, and CDNs.The financing,in the form of convertible bonds, opens a new chapter of the cooperation between ChinaNetCloud and ChinaCache, especially as ChinaCache launches their value added services include the next-generation Public Cloud.

ChinaNetCloud CEO Steve Mushero noted “We are very happy for ChinaCache to join our existing investor group, which includes angels, VCs, customers, and strategic investors. We look forward to working with them on their Cloud, to bring their CDN to our customers, and to work on joint service offerings to the marketplace.”

Mr. Song Wang, Founder, Chairman and CEO of ChinaCache said “We are excited to have the opportunity to support ChinaNetCloud, as our strategies and markets are closely aligned and we look forward to developing shared products and services to better enhance our value added service offering.”

ChinaNetCloud is the world’s largest provider of the latest Cloud layer, OaaS or Operations-as-a-Service. This very new concept involves full design, implementation, and operations as a service including full 24x7support, deep server monitoring, full audit and optimization, DBA, and key teams focused on reliability, performance, scale, security, and cost savings.

ChinaCache’sfinancing will help ChinaNetCloud invest in OaaS upgrades, including fully automated cloud-to-cloud and physical-to-cloud migrations. This will enable customers with existing large-scale systems to migrate safely to a variety of cloud environments, especially those that are OpenStack-based. The financing will also assist with additional sales and engineering resources, including continued development of state-of-the-art cloud management, troubleshooting, and operations tools.

About ChinaCache
ChinaCache International Holdings Ltd. (Nasdaq: CCIH) is the leading total solutions provider of Internet content and application delivery services in China. As a carrier-neutral service provider, ChinaCache’s network in China is interconnectedwith networks operated by all telecom carriers, major non-carriers and local Internet service providers. With more than a decade of experience in developing solutions tailored to China’s complex Internet infrastructure, ChinaCache is a partner of choice for businesses, government agencies and other enterprises to enhance the reliability and scalability of online services and applications and improve end-user experience.

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