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Design, build, and manage public and private clouds, including full 24×7 operations, monitoring, and optimization.

AWS Service

Facilitate the growth and scalability of your business by drawing upon our world-class cloud technology and management solutions.

With so many firms constantly entering and exiting the cloud marketplace in China, successfully navigating the key cloud systems, technologies, and services can be exhausting. As an industry expert and pioneer in Operations-as-a-Service, ChinaNetCloud can help you design, build and manage any and all types of cloud-based Internet systems, including cloud system migrations.

ChinaNetCloud Cloud Service

AWS Service

ChinaNetCloud is an Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner and Managed Service Partner. We are trained and audited by AWS to deliver secure, reliable and cost-effective AWS environments, backed by ChinaNetCloud’s 24×7 managed services and support. ChinaNetCloud has provided managed services on AWS since 2009, as an AWS Partner since 2012, an AWS China Partner since 2013, and now an AWS Managed Services Partner in 2015.

Our certified AWS engineers will be available every step of the way to help you design, build, and manage the perfect AWS solution. ChinaNetCloud’s OaaS Service for AWS provides end-to-end architecture, design, build, and 24×7 operations management of Internet systems of any size, using any and all AWS services, technologies, and best practices. This includes the deep design of fully-redundant global systems with automated provisioning and scaling. Plus deep integrated proactive monitoring from the AWS infrastructure up through services and applications of all types – especially e-commerce, SaaS, mobile, big data, and more.

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AWS Service



Case Study

We are proud to represent a number of industry solutions including E-commerce, Mobile, SaaS, P2P, O2O, New Media and many others. Read our Customer Success Stories for more information.
  1. RedAtoms

    RedAtoms is a Beijing-based SNS Game developer and has one of the largest games on Facebook, with 250,000 DAU and 1.5 million MAU in less than a month after launching. Such growth has many challenges such as scaling the system, maintaining reliability, hardware costs, and performance. With ChinaNetCloud's Server Management Service, RedAtoms has already been very successful in launching this major new game, which continues to scale smoothly at low cost, up to millions of DAU.

  2. BeyondHost

    As traditional as it can be, the hotel industry has tremendous potentials to utilize Internet +. BeyondHost has been focusing on providing SaaS based hotel management tools to numerous of hotel chains with ChinaNetCloud’s support on its infrastructure and system.


Our pricing structure for cloud operations reflects the essence of cloud - agile and elastic. Basic Service/Premium Service meet customers' needs at various stage of cloud journey.

Service Package

FeaturesDescriptionBasic ServicePremium Service
Free Audit & Check
System Security AuditDeep automated check of IAM and network security, plus audit of key VM and other config and tuning options.
Health Check (Beta)Check for best practice configurations and use in VPC, EC2, S3, EBS, RDS, ELB, IAM, R53 and more.
Resource Check (Alpha)Find under-used resources and cost-saving opportunities
Asset & Tag Reporting (Alpha)Report on current Assets, VMs, Storage, Services used, with analysis by Tag
Config Reporting (Coming Soon)Current AWS Configuration Report
AWS Console / Explorer (Coming Soon)Integrated View of All AWS Systems & Services you use
24x7 Technical Support
AWS service Monitoring & AlertAdvanced monitoring with alerting & notification(limited)
24/7 Incident Response & TroubleshootingTroubleshoot and respond to incident 7x24(limited)(with SLA)
Request and Change ManagementMake system changes as needed
Ticket Management & ReportingCustomer Portal with all Tickets, Contacts, Alerts, Summaries, Status and AWS Management Dashboard.
Infrastructure Management
System Architecture DesignAWS Certified Experts design multi-region, large-scale systems with many AWS services, including Route53, CloudFront, VPC, EC2, S3, RDS, Elasticache, SNS, SQS, etc.
System Infrastructure DeploymentAutomated, AMI, CloudFormation-based deployment
Security managementUpdate and manage WAF, Security Group, VPC ACL, etc. with best practices to ensure the maximum security.
Auto Scaling ManagementManage auto-scaling group configurations and advice on best practices.Custom
Hybrid Cloud connectivity managementConfigure direct connection between other data centers and AWS, using Aryaka, MPLS, etc.Custom
Data Protection
Deep Security AuditKeys, S3 Options, Data Lifecycles, Expert ReviewCustom
Daily backup managementDaily scheduled snapshots and backups for AWS services, with tracking and reporting.
Compliance ReportsAudits with Qualys, AQDog, Lysis ToolsCustom
Billing Management
Billing monitor & alertMonitor monthly billing and custom alerts for exceeding limits.
Usage analytics & reportsReports and analytics for AWS usage, by region, service, tag and more, with recommendations for saving money.
AWS Account Management
Identity and Access Management (IAM)Manage all the user access with best practices, including policies, groups, access keys, roles, MFA, federation, etc.
Asset/Tag management & reportsImplement best-practice asset tagging for better and easier management and automation.
User Activity Tracking & AuditAll API calls made on your account will be recorded and easily be tracked and alerted on, via CloudTrail and AWS config.
Migration Strategy & PlanningMigration strategy, analysis, plans with documentation.
Migration ExecutionHelp migrate systems, including instance conversionCustomCustom
Disaster Recovery Program
Disaster Recovery PlanningDR strategy, analysis, and planning with documentation.
Disaster Recovery Execution & Management.Build, test, and manage DR system.Custom
Backup Management
BackupDaily scheduled snapshots and backups for AWS services, with tracking and reporting.

Why ChinaNetCloud

  • China's first Internet Service Company
  • Quality-driven - systems, processes and engineering are fully integrated in CNC's daily service operations
  • Modern technology experts, including Docker, DevOps, Automation, and public / private clouds
  • Internet operations experts, for China and global markets
  • 8-years of large-scale server operations experience
  • Total System Operations (TSO), managing the entire system including cloud, network, OS, Web, App, DB, and more
  • Cloud strategy, design and migration experts
  • One-stop shop for server management, ensuring reliability, performance, scalability, security and cost savings

Successful Stories

Yves Rocher is a World Leader in beauty care products, located in 88 countries on five continents. When they decided to launch their China E-Commerce website they chose ChinaNetCloud to build and operate their system infrastructure.

Yves Rocher

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Pinyou is one of China's largest on-line advertising networks, focused on real-time targeting using advanced demographics and systems to improve results.  They are growing quickly to hundreds of millions of hits per day and needed help managing their high-performance infrastructure.

PinYou Success Story

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