• Job Opportunities @ OpsStack

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    We are building a new company to unify the Cloud / On-Line operations world, helping Ops, DevOps, SRE, and SysAdmin teams finally get control of their new chaotic & dynamic world.

    Our job is to build the full-stack, full-lifecycle tools that drive their world.


    We come at this with deep operations backgrounds on the world's largest systems, in the most chaotic environments and challenging operations - we are building real tools for the real life of real engineers.


    These jobs are in Silicon Valley, though we are open to chatting with candidates based anywhere.

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    Technical Product Mgmt

    Lead our final push to ensure the product <--> market fit, including meeting customers, speaking at events, validating core features, messages, and integrations.

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    Lead Core Product Dev

    Lead our global development team, picking up our world-class Laravel SaaS system and running with it into the next phase of global deployment.

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    Ensure Happiness

    No one succeeds unless the customer succeeds. You can help our customers understand and succeed with OpsStack.

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    PHP/Laravel & React

    Come help build the world's most comprehensive Cloud Ops platform.